Principles of Pilates

Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.  Pilates can help you to gain complete control over your own body and then through repetition of the exercises you will over time acquire that natural rhythm and coordination in your everyday activities.

Due to our lifestyle lots of people suffer with bad backs, tight shoulders/muscles and hold onto tension, Pilates can help assist with improving posture, flexibility, mobility, balance and muscle tone.  It can also help to relieve stress and tension.

Please always ensure that you seek advice from a health professional or GP before starting any new exercise.

I have always wanted to try Pilates but due to working full time and being taxi service for my children in the evenings, I never managed it. Until I found Dawn’s class.
I have loved my lockdown journey, my balance, core strength and back are much stronger.
As a complete beginner, I was very grateful to be able to learn alone! My first attempts at a plank were not pretty!
Dawn’s style of teaching means that whatever your level there’s a technique right for you. She always seems to comment ‘ignore the creaking’ or ‘I’m feeling a bit warm now’ just when I’m feeling it!
The classes are different every time, which keeps it engaging.
Thank you Dawn xx

~ Wendy ~

The Six Core Principles


Breathing properly oxygenates our blood and helps relax our muscles avoiding tension whilst exercising, it helps to focus the mind and activate our deep abdominal muscles. Lateral breathing takes time to master but over time we can use the breath to synchronise many of the exercises.

Inhale through the nose, allowing the rib cage to expand, whilst preparing the move and exhale through the mouth, tightening up your core whilst performing the move.


Focusing on each move and concentrating on the position and muscle your using. Pilates is a mind-body fitness class which engages both the mind and body to work the body precisely.


All pilates movements are slow and controlled, they should be performed at a constant speed. Good posture is obtained when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control.


The abdominals and back are positioned in the centre of our body and they initiate every movement. Pilates is focused on strengthening your core, and a   strong core enables a stable base which your limbs can move from, hence why doing Pilates can help with preventing injury. 


Pilates focuses on the quality precision ad flow of each movement, with emphasis on the technique rather than the quantity. Working at your own pace and level, whilst not losing your form is important.


Pilates sessions should flow and be smooth with no beginning and no end.  Nothing should ever be forced or strained and movements not sharp.

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